Hidden Beauty, Reflections on Saint Bonaventures Tree of LIfe

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Hidden Beauty, Reflections on St. Bonaventures Tree of Life by Fr. Rick Martignetti, OFM

196 page paperback edition.

This lovely book is a rich theological and practical primer of Franciscan Spirituality written by two friars, one who lived in the thirteenth century and one who lives in the twenty-first century. Both writers moved me to want to draw closer to Christ. That is the gift of this fine book, this journey into the life, death, and glorification of Jesus Christ which involves re-discovering the meaning and mystery of the Tree of Life. I can’t think of better guides for this journey than St. Bonaventure and his interpreter, Fr. Rick Martignetti, who has studied, prayed with, and lived with St. Bonaventure’s thought for many years.

– Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM, author of Francis: The Journey and the Dream, Mystics: 10 Who Show Us the Ways of God, and Francis and Jesus. 

I think Bonaventure will bless this book because it does what he wanted most. It shows us how to use his reflections on Scripture as stepping stones for our own journey into God. The Tree of Life is commented on by Fr. Martignetti branch by branch, as it were. The passages are short, readily comprehensible, and thoroughly informed by Bonaventure’s other writings so that after reading this, we realize what a treasure we have been given in this great saint and teacher. For anyone with a Franciscan heart, this will draw you deeper into God, encourage you, and help you along. Read it!

– Sr. Frances Teresa Downing, OSC, author of Living the Incarnation, Clare of Assisi 1: The Writings, and Clare of Assisi 2: The Context of her Life.

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