Hidden Sweetness

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Hidden Sweetness by Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM

"Those who have met this spirited Franciscan--Father Larry-- sometimes wonder, "What is this joyous monk thinking? How can he be so oblivious to my faults, so accepting of my limitations, so positive about a world that possesses so many problems?" Well, now we know. These poems/devotions/awakenings lift the veil on a life lived in perpetual love and gratitude, a consciousness immersed in beauty and in grace. These are indeed the happiest and best thoughts of one of our happiest and best minds. It will find a place on my bookshelf right next to Rumi, Mary Oliver and William Blake. I will read it again and again for spiritual inspiration, moral encouragement, and pure joy." 

"The adventure at the core of this book is the search for the voice of love. Father Larry isn't searching for love-- it clearly lies all around him. He's looking for the words and images to make that love a presence in our lives. And the fact that he succeeds so often and so well, makes these wonderful poems more than poems." 

Robert Inchausti, author of The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People, Subversive Orthodoxy, and Thinking Through Thomas Merton 

"Fr. Larry has captured in words what many of us are unable to express but hold in our hearts. This is a great book poems that can become a form of daily meditation.''

John Hardin, ofm Provincial Minister Franciscan Friars, Province of Saint Barbara

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