Poetry As Prayer, St. Francis of Assisi

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Poetry As Prayer, St. Francis of Assisi, by Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM

130 page hard cover edition.

Mystic, Poet, Saint

No follower of Christ has captivated the Christian imagination more than this poor man from Assisi. Francis’ colorful personality, passionate struggles, and zest for adventure propelled him toward all that life could offer…and plunged him into a deep relationship with God, where the poetry of praise best illuminated his experience. 

With Franciscan expert Murray Bodo, enter into Saint Francis’ world of color, sound, and image. Enjoy the stories and legends that have fascinated us through the ages. Above all, ponder Francis’ poem, “Canticle of Creatures,” which glorifies God for creation, incarnation, and redemption—a prayer-poem that can show us how to see the world anew.

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