Prayer of Franciscan Solitude

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170 Page perfect bound edition

Since the publication of our first volume, Franciscan Solitude, in 1995, we have encountered several people who have taken St. Francis’ Document on Solitude personally into the fabric their lives, and we have invited them to share their experiences in a collection of essays that comprise a new anthology called Franciscan Prayer of Solitude. Solitude has been embraced by the Church since its beginning, but solitude that is called by the name “Franciscan” has the unique vision of its founder, St. Francis, stamped upon it. And simply being in a religious way in solitude is prayer. So, we offer these essays to all lovers of Franciscan solitude from Tau Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona. Publication date:


(T)he followers of Francis and Clare today continue to discover ways to adapt a thirteenth-century document on solitude to the lives of people in the twenty-first century. The essays of this volume demonstrate the ongoing vitality of the Franciscan spiritual tradition of solitude in our day. And the inspiring words and example of these authors comprise an invitation to the readers of this book to discover the riches of this tradition for themselves.

Brother William Short OFM from his Introduction to this new anthology.


Preface: André Cirino OFM and Josef Raischl OFS
Introduction: William J. Short OFM
St. Francis’ Document on Solitude: André Cirino OFM
What’s in a Name: André Cirino OFM
St. Clare and the Document on Solitude: Frances Teresa Downing OSC
Into the Silence: A Meditation: Murray Bodo OFM
From the Board Room to the Hermitage: John-Allen Green OFM
Reflection on Solitude: Anna Marie Covely OSC
Sit Apart from Leaping, Experiencing a Day of Solitude: Clare D’Auria OSF
Hermitages in a Spiritual Center Setting: A Franciscan Experience: Helen Budzik OSF
Living the Document on Solitude While in Full-Time Ministry, The Franciscan Hermitage: Kathleen Osbelt OSF A Deliberate Life Little Brothers of Francis: Brothers Wayne, Howard, Geoffrey
The Solitude Group: Louise Beesley
The Gift of Solitude: Mary Esther Stewart OFS
Mountain Mysticism, The Spiritual Experience of Walking and Climbing: Bernadette and Josef Raischl OFS

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