The Real Francis

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The Real Francis by Fr. Sergius Wroblewski, OFM

In his preface the author states that his assigned task in this book will be to present the mind of St. Francis of Assisi as revealed in his writings. Further, because Francis’ writings are a commentary on the New Testament, Father Wroblewski proposes to expand on Francis’ brief expositions in the light of the sacred Scriptures. 

Franciscan spirituality (the author contends) is more than a simple living according to Scriptures. The second founder of Franciscan order, St. Bonaventure, intimated that no human being can reproduce Christ in His fullness; a particular imitation can be only a partial attempt. It follows, then, that a spirituality is one way of reading scripture - in this case, St. Francis’ way. 

This book is divided in to twelve chapters which are so many glittering (and frequently dazzling) complex facets of the Seraph of Christ. From them emerges the distinctive Franciscan charism as evidenced in St. Francis himself and then in his brothers and sisters, the members of the orders which he founded. 

Not to be overlooked as an added feature of this book are the seraphic poems of Sister M. Angela Sassak, O.S.F., a Bernardine Sister. The poems provide an overture to the individual chapters.

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