Three Heroes of Assisi in World War II

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Three Heroes of Assisi in World War II by Josef Raischl, OFS and Fr. Andre Cirino, OFM

It is certainly safe to say that Three Heroes of Assisi in World War II will be an eye-opener to the reader with even a small taste for history.
Warren J. Rouse OFM, Santa Barbara Province, California 

This text was prepared by two authors who have a special bond with Assisi and its saints—Francis and Clare—to whom they have dedicated their studies and their widespread and somewhat complementary interests. The first author, Josef Raischl OFS, who lives in Dachau, Germany, studied in Rome at the Capuchin Historical Institute and in England at the Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury. The second author, André Cirino OFM, taught at the above-mentioned Study Centre and for more than thirty years has been leading pilgrimages to this Franciscan city, deeply imbibing its spiritual atmosphere and historical memory. From this blend of their interests has come this book, whose goal is to let the whole world know about the three heroes of Assisi: Bishop Giuseppe Placido Nicolini, Colonel Valentin Müller MD, and Assisi priest, Don Aldo Brunacci.
Pio De Giuli, Director of periodical, Subasio, Assisi

The book is an almost seamless collection of extracts from works by reputable historians and principals in the events of the fateful period, especially Bishop Nicolini and Don Brunacci. An important chapter, authored by Raischl and Cirino, deals with the German Commander, Colonel Valentin Müller. His efforts to spare Assisi from destruction and to aid its citizens and many refugees—Jews also hidden among them, are carefully chronicled. 
Paul Rotondi, OFM, Immaculate Conception Province, NY

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